Patson Machines Pvt. Ltd. is concern of Mr. S. N. Patwardhan who is in the field of Machine Tools and Automation since 1972. After his M. Tech. from IIT Mumbai, he worked at Central Machine Tool Institute; Bangalore for 7 years. Later he was in charge of Design, Development at PMT Machine Tools Automatics Pvt. Ltd., Pimpri, Pune for 10 years.

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CNC Boring and Teeth Chamfering SPM for Sprocket
CNC SPM with atc for Crank case Operations
CNC yoke Boring and Grooving SPM
Drilling SPM
Servo Controlled 5 Axis Microdrilling SPM
Servo Controlled Deep Drilling SPM
4 Axis CNC Engraving Machine
CNC Keyway Milling SPM
CNC Shift Fork Machining SPM
Facing and Centering SPM for Crankshaft

Multi-Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machines
10 Spindle MSD 400
16 Spindle Tapping Machines
24 Spindle Drilling SPM for Pipe
2 Spindle Tapping Machine for Tata Motors
2 Station Multispindle Drilling and Tapping SPM
Adjustable Multispindle Drilling SPM
Drilling and Tapping SPM for Clutch Cover
Gear Oil hole Drilling SPM
Drilling SPM for Carburrator
Shuttle type Drill Tap Machines
Shuttle type Multispindle Tapping SPM
Two way Drilling SPM for Home appliances Component

Chasis Component Machines
4 Spindle Trepanning SPM
CNC Drill Tap SPM for RTB
CNC Milling SPM for RTB

Multi Spindle Drilling Machines
Sixteen Spindle Drilling Machines
Multi Spindle Drilling SPM
Multi Spindle Drilling Machines
Four Spindle Drill Machines
Six Heads Multi Spindle Drilling Machines
Adjustable Multi Spindle Drilling Machines
Multi Spindle Drilling Machine for Yoke

Rotary Indexing Machines
Rotary Indexing Drill, Reaming and Tapping SPM
Rotary Indexing type Drilling and Tapping SPM
Rotary Indexing Drilling Machines
Index Type Drill Tapp SPM

Way type Machines
3 Way Drilling SPM
Fine Boring SPM for Carburetor
Yoke U Drilling SPM

Fine Boring Machines
Precision Boring SPM
Fine Boring SPM
Horizontal Fine Boring Machines
Precision Boring Machines

Assembly Machines
Ball Pressing Machines for Carurrator
Hydraulic Press for Assembly

Turning SPM
Brake Drum Grooving and Chamferring SPM
Sprocket OD Radius Milling SPM

Ordnance factory Machines
Case Trimming SPM OFAJ
Drilling and Milling, Broaching SPM
Index type Drilling SPM Using Pneumatic Quill Feed
Lead Swaging Machines

Hydraulic Operated Quill Feed Units

Carburetor Machining Machines
Carburetor Machines
Multi Operation Carburetor Machining Machines
Industrial Carburetor Machining Machines
Two Station Carburetor Machining Machines

Two Station Multispindle Drill Tap Machines
Multi Drilling Machines
Multi Spindle Drill Machines
Trepanning SPM

Multi spindle Heads Drilling Machines
Multi Head Spindle Drilling Machines
Industrial Drilling Machines
19 Spindle Multi Spindle Drilling Machines
Ms Drilling SPM for Yoke
Multispindle Drilling and Tapping Machines

Drilling SPM
Bracket Drilling Machines
Filter Head SPM Drilling Machine
Fuse Drilling SPM
Gas Cock Drilling SPM
Heavy Duty Multi Spindle Drilling SPM

Yoke Boring Grooving Machines

Manufacturing Facilities  
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