Shuttle Type Multispindle Tapping SPM

Multi-Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machines

We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of SPM ( Special Purpose Machines ) and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Machine Shuttle type 4 spindle tapping machine- Model 872
Component Gland Nut
Operation Tapping size 1.769-14 UNS-2B TO 2.458-14 UNS-2B Tapping size 0.877-18 UNS-2B TO 1.347-18 UNS-2B
Cycle time (Output/hr.) 12 Sec.(1200/hr.)
Machine Description While tapping operation is carried out on 4 components at one shuttle end, operator will load/unload components in the fixture at other shuttle end. Thus reducing cycle time effectively.


Shuttle Type Multispindle Tapping SPM, Multi-Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machines

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