Patson Machines Pvt. Ltd. is concern of Mr. S. N. Patwardhan who is in the field of Machine Tools and Automation since 1972. After his M. Tech. from IIT Mumbai, he worked at Central Machine Tool Institute; Bangalore for 7 years. Later he was in charge of Design, Development at PMT Machine Tools Automatics Pvt. Ltd., Pimpri, Pune for 10 years.

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Gear Oil Hole Drilling SPM

Gear Oil hole Drilling SPM


Gear oil hole Drilling SPM- model 932


Gear Balancer Idler


Drilling Dia.2.3-2nos.

Cycle time(Output/hr.)

30 Sec.(120/hr.)

Machine Description

Operator will load the job in the fixture. It will pneumatically clamped. Drilling operation will be carried out in wood peck cycle. Pneumatically operated fixture shuttle slide move to next distance for close C.D. Drilling operation for second hole will be carried out. Slide moves to home position.